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What is this course
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The CWS course is for realtors who are ready to start selling and learning about waterfront properties. Whether you live around lakes or oceans, we'll help you improve your knowledge, marketing and online presence to attract these premium clients.

ONLY 1% of all licensed realtors are experienced enough and sought after to sell waterfront real estate. You too can be the 1%

Become the realtor everyone in your area is looking for. Professional real estate websites and blogs such as Zillow and Homelight recommend that anyone looking to buy or sell waterfront real estate should only deal with experienced realtors who are well versed in waterfront transactions. And the CWS course is currently the only waterfront certification course in North America.

About the Creator

Ed Constable is a real estate agent out of Fenton, Michigan who has been helping premium waterfront clients for nearly a decade.

Now, he also helps realtors learn the basics about dominating the waterfront space, closing a successful deal, and anticipating what these premium clients need.

Jumpstart Your Waterfront Expertise

This program is delivered in a self-paced format, and includes additional information on starting or improving your waterfront video marketing, as well as making a good impression on clients through your website.

As an enrolled student, you are also able to ask any questions about closing your latest waterfront deal! With the knowledge you gain from this course, you should feel more confident about attracting and handling these premium clients.

What took me years to learn is now condensed into an easy and information-packed course that helps you as a realtor break into this exclusive area of real estate.

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